Through the Faculty of Science and Technology, the University of Fernando Pessoa follow the guidelines of the Ministry of education in the sense of private education invest in technological areas.

A not massive education, in a family and cozy environment, with great tracking and proximity of the faculty, the student, with his work, effort and commitment, can develop their potential for learning, acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for a proper integration into working life.

The major scientific areas that make up the Faculty are the areas of environmental engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, hygiene and safety, quality and architecture.

With the Bologna process:

  • the first cycles of studies (undergraduate; bachelor; 3 years);
  • 2 cycles of studies (masters; 2 years);
  •  3 cycles of studies (doctorate; >=3 years).
  • In the case of  architecture, for reasons associated with EU directives, the training is 5 years in a single cycle of studies (integrated cycle), which leads to a master’s degree.

Professional Associations

All 1st engineering studies cycles are  in board of Technical Engineers (OET).

The master in architecture and urbanism, after successfully completion of the traineeship and the ethics course promoted by the board of Architects (OE), gives access to it.


The average cost (tuition and fees) of a bachelor’s or a master degree in Science Technology Faculty of Fernando Pessoa University is:

  • around 3000  euros per year. So, a 3 years degree costs a total of 9000 euros;
  • or around 4100 dolars per yea;
  • or around 2500 pounds  per year.

These averages do not include room and board.

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